A Player Or Nothing

A Player Or Nothing


Original work

Acrylic paints on canvas

Stretched over pine bars

Signed, dated and stamped on back

Lightweight and ready to hang

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This is the first work in which my unique gambling AlphaBET colour code has been transposed onto the letters themselves.

My work has evolved over the last decade, and there is still much further to go.

Invest in my art now and be sure that you will be part of something substantial and authentic.

I’m not represented by galleries or dealers, all of my work is created and sold through this website.

Who buys my art? People from the worlds of sport, betting and games/gaming, and collectors/dealers who have an interest in these worlds.

Interested but not ready to buy? Then follow me on Instagram (@storedimages) and see my daily commitment to my art, and the happenings at Stored Images Studios.